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Property Medics of Georgia takes pride in offering full service restoration work for residential and commercial clients in the Atlanta area. We specialize in water, fire, mold remediation projects, as well as rebuilding after the project is stabilized. We are your all in one provider to get your home or business back up and running without the headache of hiring several different contractors. Property Medics of Georgia is able to provide a unique level of service by having a licensed general contractor and remediation specialists under one umbrella.
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Property Medics of Georgia provide services in water damage.

Water Damage

When it comes to water damages to your home, there is only one call to make. Property Medics of Georgia has an industry leading 24-hour, 7-days a week one hour response time. In most cases, everything is covered under your homeowner’s insurance policy; Property Medics of Georgia works directly with insurance agencies.

Property Medics of Georgia provides fire restoration services.

Fire Restoration

Fire and smoke can wreak havoc on both your home and your personal belongings. Property Medics of Georgia can provide the professional service you need, and the peace of mind you deserve. Fire damage to a home can be severe, but Property Medics of Georgia has been certified in fire and smoke restoration through the IICRC.

Property Medics of George provide wind and hail restoration services

Wind & Hail Repair

Wind and hail damage often goes unnoticed until it manifests into bigger problems. Property Medics of Georgia has inspected several hundred hail/wind damaged roofs. When on your roof, we look for the more obvious signs of damage. If evidence is found, we will contact your provider and get the claim process started.


Privacy Fence

Creating some private space? Property Medics of Georgia can provide the right fence for every application. A fence may be used for a variety of reasons. Purposes include security, defining boundary lines, or adding decorative accent to your yard. There are several decisions that must be made before your project can begin.

 Linoleum Flooring

For water resistance and ease of maintenance, linoleum flooring is a budget-friendly choice with a long lifetime.

Property Medics of Georgia provides interior lighting and wiring services.

Interior Lighting & Wiring

Interior lighting is a great way to add elegance and style to any home no matter the budget. Lighting comes in many styles, from a standard light fixture to the most ornate chandelier. Changing out-of-date fixtures to more modern efficiency and style is a highly cost-effective upgrade you can make prior to selling your home.



Carpeting is a good choice for most rooms of your home. Property Medics of Georgia can provide you with a brand new look, or match your existing carpeting. Carpet is available in a wide variety of colors, textures and patterns, and typically has a quick installation time-most projects can be completed in just one day.

Property Medics of Georgia kitchen and bathroom tile services.

Kitchen & Bathroom Tile

Ceramic or stone tile is another very popular choice for flooring. It can be used on walls as well as floor. Tile is perfect for high-traffic areas and in rooms where water is used. It is easy to clean and maintain and a very rugged and durable product. Property Medics of Georgia can provide the quality craftsmanship you need.

Property Medics of Georgia provide services in water damage.


Property Medics Plumbing is a third generation company, having completed hundreds of projects with customer satisfaction as a top priority. Here at Property Medics Plumbing, we provide numerous services from water heater maintenance, plumbing repairs, water lines, drain & sewer needs and much more.

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