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Fire and smoke can wreak havoc on both your home and your personal belongings. Property Medics of Georgia can provide the professional service you need, and the peace of mind you deserve.

Property Medics of Georgia has been certified in fire and smoke restoration through the IICRC . Fire damage to a home can be severe. Even the smallest of fires will cause smoke damage, structural damage, electrical and HVAC damage.

The first thing Property Medics of Georgia does is assess the damage. Starting with the point of origin and removing all charred materials to reduce the odor of the fire. Then we will begin the initial clean up stage of the process. We pack anything that can be saved and move it to an offsite and secure warehouse where the items will be cleaned and packed back up and returned once the renovation is complete. We then extract all damaged flooring , trim, walls, doors, and wiring. Once the extraction is complete, all of the remaining surface areas will be washed in solution removing all dirt and silt, depending on the severity of the fire other more specific machinery may be used such as thermal foggers and ozone machines and seal all surface areas in an oil-based primer to seal the odor. When this stage is complete, we restore your home to its pre-loss condition by replacing any damaged lumber, drywall, flooring or windows. When renovations are complete all your cleaned items are returned and you can once again enjoy your home.