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Tree damage can be catastrophic and wind and hail damage often goes unnoticed until it manifests into bigger problems.

Property Medics of Georgia has inspected several hundred damaged roofs. When on your roof, we look for the more obvious signs of damage. Starting with any soft metal and inspecting ridge vents, turtle vents, and pipe jacks for any hail licks or if wind has dislodge them in any manner. If evidence is found, we move on to your shingles by marking out a 10 ft by 10ft square and noting any wind or hail damage. We can tell these by hail leaving a indentation and bruising affect to the shingle. Wind will break the seal of the tab itself, in most cases leaving a crease in any lifted tabs. With more severe wind there may be tabs completely blown off the roof.

We repeat this process on each slope of your roof. From this assessment, we can determine if your roof's damage would be covered by your insurance company. The amount of damages per slope varies between insurance providers, ranging from 5 to 16 marks per 10ft by 10ft square.

Once it is determined that the insurance company will repair the roof, we will contact your provider and get the claim process started. The claim process varies, but in most cases a call will get the claim started. An insurance adjuster will arrive to inspect the roof with Property Medics of Georgia and issue payment. Property Medics of Georgia will repair your roof and file all necessary documents with the insurance provider.